75 People Who Could Care Less About What You Think About Them


Some people have already come to realize that life is just way too short to give a “duck” (as autocorrect would say) about what other people think.

Sometimes this wisdom comes with old age, and other times we learn how to throw away all our cares and worries before we’re barely out of their diapers.

From the old man rockin’ his portable 80’s boom box at the buffet, to the neighborhood kid who goes around knocking on people’s doors asking for bananas, no matter how you look at it, these 75 people are living their best life ever!

1) Couple poses after car flipped over, with wife still trapped in car

Source: Twitter/RMG News
Well, when you’re trapped in the car with nothing else to do, why not? It’s not like she’s going anywhere anytime [email protected]:

“This is the kind of person I want to be. Just keep smiling through it all.”

2) “My New Spirit Animal”

Source: Reddit
This guy’s homage to Marilyn Monroe’s famous subway grate scene must be making her roll in her grave! But, he obviously doesn’t care, because she’s dead anyways, [email protected]:

“Anything Marilyn could do, I can do better! See?”

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