45 Men Whose Looks Changed Drastically With A Beard


Beards are everything right now. It may be hot in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sport a neatly trimmed beard with your swimming trunks. These men prove that beards make all the difference

Sometimes Less Is More.

This dude looks great in a full beard, but once he got a trim, the world stood still. Who knew that such a man was hiding behind that beard? This is proof that although beards are amazing, sometimes, it’s about quality rather than quantity.

Finding Your Groove

This guy tried to go clean-shaven and tried a long beard. He looks good both ways but he finally found his groove recently. Now he wears a short beard and has never looked better.

Ask, Listen, And Follow Your Heart

This guy has a lesson to teach us all. He asked Instagram if he looked better with or without a beard and they primarily said no beard. But of course, he knew the truth and kept the beard.

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