30 Exciting ways to ‘summer vacation’ at home


Summer is finally here, but with the coronavirus pandemic still sweeping the world, plenty of folks have been forced to cancel their vacation plans and adjust to life in lockdown.

You might not be able to go on a Caribbean cruise or while away the hours sipping cocktails on a beautiful golden beach this summer, but there are still plenty of great ways for you and your family to have some fun!

From soothing spa days to backyard barbecue parties, read on to learn all about some awesome summer vacation ideas you can enjoy in total comfort and safety.

The Thrill Of The Theater

There’s nothing quite like Broadway, and countless people flock to NYC every year to see the world-famous shows with their very own eyes, but you can still enjoy a little slice of the action in your own living room. Broadway HD streams a whole range of performances and you can really make a night of it by getting all dressed up and cooking something special in advance.

Go Crazy In The Kitchen

A big part of the fun of traveling far and wide is trying new foods from the places you visit. But thanks to the internet, you’ve got countless recipes right at your fingertips! Let your tastebuds do the traveling as you test out some fun new ideas in the kitchen.


Many people like to go on vacation to flee their urban environments and connect with nature. Well, you can enjoy nature right from your own backyard by simply grabbing some binoculars, pulling up a lawn chair, and admiring the birds all around you. You might be surprised by how relaxing birding can be.

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