25 Of The Most Hilarious And Bizarre Competitions From Around The World



Sports competitions have been a big part of our evolution as humans. It’s a way to keep soldiers fit during ancient times, and a way to contest higher stakes without killing anyone. Since then, sporting events have evolved into traditions that brought together the best athletes from all over the world. Wherever you are, people always find ways to turn even the most unusual aspects of their lives into a sport. Throwing dead goats, contorting to make a funny face, and slapping the heck out of each other, we got them all.

They may not be Olympic events but they’re happening somewhere in the world. Welcome to the 25 most hilarious and bizarre competitions from around the world!

1. The World Figure 8 Championship

Taking place in the Indianapolis Speedrome track, this motorsport event involves racers speeding around a figure 8 track, eventually crossing paths with one another. Or as we call it in the streets: “Beating the red light”. The race lasts for three hours and would test any drivers’ skill and patience in crossing that central intersection.

Source: LBTVProductions

2. Gurning

If you’re not feeling 100% in front of the mirror, remember that in the UK, they have a championship just for this. Tracing its origins in the 12th century, this competition is all about pulling the ugliest face you can make. You might look funny, but at least you got an award out of it.

Source: Redd

3. Slap contests

It’s exactly what it says on the tin. This is not an event for the faint of heart, face, and palms because this glutton-for-punishment sport involves slapping the heck out of each other with some competitors getting knocked out. You must be either really drunk or out of your mind to sign up for this unless you really need that £2,300.

Source: Reddit

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