35 People Solving Problem A Little Too Creatively


In life, you’ll never run out of problems. This is one good reason why you need to hone your creative skills. It will allow you to always find solutions to life’s toughest challenges.

But these 35 people maybe got just a little too creative with their ideas . . .

1. For the mailman

Whoever made this isn’t just a creative guy. He’s quite considerate, too. He probably knows how hard it is for a mailman to deliver letters when it’s snowing.

2. When you rarely do the dishes

Since these guys rarely do the dishes, they thought of a better way to use the dishwasher. This was their solution.

3. In case it rains

If you’re thinking of buying a convertible, you might as well buy something to cover it once it rains. The last thing you want to happen is get the interior of your car soaking wet.


4. Unique heels

This is what happens when you accidentally step on your kids’ toys and break your heels. You pick random dinosaur figurines and use them as replacements.

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